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Let’s flatten the issue!

Multimedia Art: pictures and imagination

Communication is art in itself! Images have a unique way of conveying what can only be captured in words to a limited extent. I use images to simplify processes and communicate easily through an image. It makes complex issues understandable.

Because there are also people who do not speak Dutch, but are interested in my work, you will find a translation in English on this page. However, in some images the Dutch words have been used. If I have done it right, you will understand the starkness despite not being able to read the words. That is the power of images.


Instead of translating notes, presentations, reports and minutes into words, use images.

Visual recording

During meetings, visual recording can be used to summarize an overview and report in pictures. This helps participants retain the common thread. The visual recording can be done during a meeting, but can also be made afterwards based on minutes, reports or records.


An illustration is a visual explanation of a story, description or assertion.

Below you will see examples in different styles. For illustrations, I like to focus on the style and use of color that fits the client’s brief and/or corporate identity.

Creative concepts

In collaboration with communications and marketing professionals or independent entrepreneurs, I come up with creative concepts for campaigns.

This can be incorporated into videos, leaflets or strategic plans, for example. Sometimes I provide a first draft, which is then converted into the corporate identity by a graphic designer. At other times, I provide a starter of images, messages and shapes that fit a particular positioning or message.

Photography and videos

On occasion, I also enjoy taking photos and videos of people, nature and objects.


Nature and objects

Artistic expression

I like to experiment with different styles and do this both digitally and with the paintbrush. Here are some examples of different creative projects.


A picture says more than 1,000 words

The process of drawing and translating into images is actually going back to the essence. What is being said or wanted to be said? And how does that translate into an image?

I am originally not a graphic professional or visual artist. Yet I am regularly invited to give my visual contribution. So why do they ask me instead of a professional illustrator? Possibly because my work as a trainer & coach, as well as my bachelor degree in communication, allow me to ask the right questions and to place the translation of images within a strategic framework or goal.

The quick imagination of what is being said.
let’s meet …


After drawing the same anime for a few years, it has gained its own identity and recognition for me. I named it/he/they: Selfie! Selfie is a kind of empty template that I can draw in all kinds of shapes and add to many forms. 

Selfie can be seen in Drijfveerkracht’s products (e.g., coach cards) and training materials.